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Four Kings.

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MessagePosté le: Ven 12 Oct - 00:14 (2012)    Sujet du message: Four Kings. Répondre en citant

Pas eu l'occasion d'avoir de retour énorme pour le moment.

Sur le combat en général, le deuxième boss ne pop pas que le premier meurt, mais dès qu'il atteint 30% de sa vie.

Giang l'impitoyable:

- Deux "pack" d'add lors de l'ordre du flanqué, toujours de gauche vers droite / droite vers gauche.
- Bouclier Impénétrable:

Skill à dispel dès qu'il pop sur le Boss (Aurait le même cd que Annihilation)

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MessagePosté le: Dim 28 Oct - 18:00 (2012)    Sujet du message: Four Kings. Répondre en citant

Pour ma part c'est le boss le plus dur de ce raid en Héro.
Un debrief de Method plutôt très clair, à corriger/mettre en place pour nous plutôt en vocal je pense.

Attention gros pavé:

In contrast to normal mode where you had to deal with one king at a time until defeated, each king animates and joins the battle when its predecessor is brought down to 30% HP in heroic mode, which means that you will have to deal with two kings at a time for a significant amount of time. On top of that each king gains one new ability plus obviously dps and hps requirements are much higher than in normal mode.

Qiang The Merciless (The Warlord King) 
You will always start with this one so there is no randomness about first part of the encounter.
Flanking Orders:
 The Warlord King orders a flank, calling in a wave of Mogu attackers. These Flanking Mogu cast Overhand Strike, inflicting 1,000,000 Physical damage to enemies in front of them within 4 yards. The Warlord King retains Flanking Orders after being defeated.
In heroic mode there is twice amount of Mogu attackers split into two flanks making it a bit harder so you need to be more careful while planning your way out of both paths instead of just one.

 Qiang focuses on Annihilating his enemies in front of him, inflicting 2,500,000 damage to enemies within 20 yards.
Simple mechanic that checks your awareness. Avoid it by not standing in front of him.
Massive Attacks: No single man or woman can stand against the brutal attacks of the Warlord King. His Massive Attacks inflicts 2,800,000 Physical damage, split among all enemies hit.
Entire raid should stack together in front of the boss right on top of the tank. Try to remain stationary for as long as possible but eventually you will have to change position due to Flanking Orders or Annihilate. Then follow the tank so that Massive Attacks damage is always split between as many targets as possible.
Impervious Shield: The Warlord King uses his Impervious Shield, becoming immune to all attacks and spells. When struck with a harmful ability or spell during Impervious Shield, Qiang will retaliate with an extra attack.

Refrain from using any spells or abilities (including cleaves from another target) when cast is about to come or you will trigger an extra attack which usually is lethal. It is safe to keep auto attack on though. As soon as shield is up on Qiang (buff on enemy target) priest should mass dispel it immediately so that everyone can resume their dps rotation.

Subetai The Swift (The Bandit King) 
 The Bandit King charges a random player and Pillages all enemies within 8 yards, stealing the victims possessions. The Pillaged effect reduces the affected players damage and healing done by 50% and increases their Physical damage taken by 50% for 30 seconds. The Bandit King retains Pillage after being defeated.This ability is very easy to avoid. You will notice circle animation on the floor around the boss while he is performing whirlwind kind of cast. When cast ends you need to be out of the circle. Keep in mind that this ability will not kill you directly but instead will weaken your character for 30 seconds which is nearly as bad as your death.
 Subetai launches three Volleys in quick succession. The first inflicts 150,000 Physical damage to enemies in a large cone in front of the caster, then 300,000 Physical damage in a medium cone, and finally 600,000 Physical damage in a small cone.
It is impossible (or nearly impossible?!) to avoid first hit when he fixates on your current location but unless you are very slow you should easily be able to avoid two successive attacks which are far more dangerous so just abort anything you were doing and move out of it.
Rain of Arrows:
 The Bandit King fires a Rain of Arrows at the location of a random player, inflicting Pinned Down on all targets within the 8 yard area. Pinned Down inflicts 60,000 Physical damage every second until another player removes the arrow from the victim.
Basically all ranged dps and healers should spread across the room in order to avoid several people being Pinned Down. If you manage to control it so that only one player is being hit then this ability should not harm you in the long run. At all times prioritize dps on Pinned Arrow(s) over anything else (arrows = enemy targets). Note that it is possible to free a player with Blessing of Protection.
Sleight of Hand:
 Damaging attacks against the Bandit King causes the attacker to suffer being Robbed Blind. The effect reduces damage and healing done by 50% and reduces armor by 50%. The Bandit King becomes vulnerable to Stun effects while using Sleight of Hand.
In contrast to Impervious Shield @ Qiang, this buff cannot be dispeled in any way. Instead you gain possibility to stun Subetai for the duration of Sleight of Hand being up on him. What you should do is chain stun him for entire duration of buff (8 seconds). Any attack applied to him while buff is up and he is not stunned (including auto attacks) will give you the same debuff as Pillage making your character weakened for 30 seconds. As soon as he is stunned though you can safely resume your dps.

Meng The Demented (The Mad King) 
Maddening Shout:
 The Maddening Shout of Meng Sharpfang causes all enemies to go mad, inflicting 95,000 Shadow damage every 3 sec. and causing all enemies to hate each other. Players regain their sanity after taking 60,000 damage from another player. The Mad King retains Maddening Shout after being defeated.Best way to deal with this is to gather up and do some quick aoe. Keep in mind though that it is ONLY 60,000 damage required to regain sanity so you should NOT have every player doing random aoe. Refrain from using abilities that leave any kind of debuffs or dots, use only direct aoe e.g. priests Halo.
 The Mad King becomes more insane every 0.50 sec. Crazed increases the Mad King's Physical damage dealt by a percentage equal to twice his current Insanity. When the Mad King reaches 100 Insanity, he switches personalities to Cowardice.
During this stage (Crazed personality) he simply attacks the tank. The more insanity (energy bar) he has the harder he hits. You want to chain cooldowns on the tank when Mengs insanity is high or possibly even try to kite him.
 The Mad King becomes more insane every 0.50 sec. Cowardice causes the Mad King to reflect damage equal to 50% of his current insanity. When the Mad King reaches 100 Insanity, he switches personalities to Crazed.
During this stage (Cowardice personality) he just runs around the room without hitting anyone but instead, any damage done to him is reflected in a rate of 50% of his current insanity (energy bar). So for example when you hit boss for 100k while he is at 80/100 insanity you will damage yourself for 40k. Healers should be able to keep up but in case you notice that your hp is going down fast then stop for a second and give healers chance to catch up.
Crazy Thought:
 A Crazy Thought crosses the Mad King's warped mind, increasing his Insanity by 10.
You should interrupt this cast when his insanity is low and let it go through when insanity level is high. If you follow this rule it will reduce damage taken throughout entire phase. When to stop interrupting? I would say around 50 insanity. This applies to both personalities.
 The Mad King enrages, doubling the rate he gains insanity.
The idea here is the same as in Crazy Thought case. Dispel enrage effect when his insanity is low and let it be up when insanity level is high.

Zian Of The Endless Shadow (The Sorcerer King) 
Undying Shadows:
 The Undying Shadow inflicts 60,000 Shadow damage every 1 sec to players within 10 yards until destroyed. An Undying Shadow fixates on the closest nearby player when the Sorcerer King summons it. After the Undying Shadow dies it starts to reform itself, creating Coalescing Shadows. After 30 seconds the Undying Shadow fully coalesces and reforms inflicting 60,000 Shadow damage every second to players within 10 yards. The Sorcerer King retains Undying Shadows after being defeated.Fixated person (preferably ranged dps) needs to kite it around the room until it is destroyed while rest of the raid moves out of its way. Ranged dps should prioritize Undying Shadows, although they should not go crazy about it but instead maximize overall damage done as in keeping dots on boss etc.
Shadow Blast: The Sorcerer King launches a Shadow Blast at the location of a random player. The Shadow Blast inflicts 220,000 Shadow Damage upon impact to players within 8 yards of the targeted location.
Set interrupt rotation made of 3 players. Aim to stop every cast.
Charged Shadows: The Sorcerer King blasts a random player with Charged Shadows, inflicting 150,000 Shadow damage to the target then chaining to additional targets within 8 yards of each other.
Basically all ranged dps and healers should spread across the room to reduce damage taken from this ability.
Shield of Darkness: The Sorcerer King protects himself with a Shield of Darkness. The Shield inflicts 300,000 Shadow damage to all enemies whenever a damaging ability lands on the Sorcerer King.
Refrain from using any spells or abilities (including cleaves from another target) when cast is about to come or you will most likely wipe the raid. It is safe to keep auto attack on though. As soon as shield is up on Zian (buff on enemy target) someone with a single target dispel (shamans Purge for example) should remove it immediately so that everyone can resume their dps rotation.

Tanks: 2
I believe this is doable with just one tank but it would make some things much more complicated plus tanks damage in mop is very high anyway so i personally do not see a reason to bring less than two.
TIP: In order to minimize damage taken you should be ready to kite Qiang and Meng at some points (will mention it later in details) by taunting off from long distance.
Healers: 4-5
Fight is pretty long but not that hard to heal after all. I would recommend to start with five healers and then check if your dps is enough to make enrage timer. If not then cut one healer down.
DPSers: 18-19
Overall there is no disparity between melee and ranged dps here so bring whatever you think is better for you, although you cannot stack your raid with only melee players because of Undying Shadows and i think this is the only limitation. However, there are plenty of cleaving and dotting moments involved so i guess you should avoid single target dps specs if others give you better results.
TIP: It is worth saving cooldowns for the time when two bosses are up.
TIP#2 (Melee): It is possible to soak Massive Attacks but at the same time stand behind boss avoiding parried attacks. You need to stand by his left leg. Check below screenshot for better overview.

Neutralizing Boss Shields/Buffs:
Impervious Shield @ Qiang: 1 priest (preferably shadow) doing Mass Dispel.
Sleight of Hand @ Subetai: 2 players with relatively long stuns that need to be chained for 8 seconds with 100% uptime.
Delirious @ Meng: 1 hunter or rogue.
Shield of Darkness @ Zian: 1 player with single target dispel. I can think of a Shaman with Purge as best option.
Cast Interrupts:
Shadow Blast @ Zian: 3 players in set order, avoid assigning energy users here tbh.
Crazy Thought @ Meng: Anyone so that you interrupt every cast until ~50 insanity.
Extra Assignments:
Pinning Arrow @ Subetai: Paladins rotate Blessing of Protection.

Enrage: 10 minutes
Once you are finished with assignments you should think about one important factor in this encounter which might actually have huge impact on your success. Randomness of the order in which bosses enter combat Smile It should not matter in the beginning when you are practicing each phase but once you feel comfortable with each one of them and you start thinking about an actual kill then you should consider doing them in set order. The reason i wrote bosses down in 'Qiang -> Subetai -> Meng -> Zian' order is because we found it as the easiest combo, although 'Qiang -> Subetai -> Zian -> Meng' is pretty much the same so as long as it is 'Qiang -> Subetai' first you should be good to go! There is no issue with Qiang because he is always first so as a matter of fact you can determine the right order pretty much instantly after the pull because of the animation done by the next one. This solution can be very frustrating though because at some point you will end up resetting boss ten times in a row which feels like a waste of life but in the end i believe that this should quicken your first kill anyway.
So lets focus on a kill, shall we? Before you pull the boss you should be stacked up already in one spot with the entire raid and then pull him from the distance without tank moving forward due to Massive Attacks mechanic. Once the boss is at the right spot you should keep your movement down to minimum. The only moments in which you will have to actually reposition your raid is while he is casting Annihilate (move behind boss immediately) and when you avoid Flanking Orders coming from random directions. In this case you should put the mark on top of the tank and follow him to the safe spot. This should be done slowly and steadily so that every Massive Attack is split between as many players as possible. Addition in heroic mode is Impervious Shield which should be dispelled asap by a priest with Mass Dispel. It has 2 seconds cast time so while he is casting everyone in the raid should refrain from using any offensive spells or abilities (it is safe to keep auto attack on) until buff is gone. While this phase seems to be pretty straight forward it turns out to be pretty tricky in practice because you need to be precise with your movement. It gets even more hectic once you reach 30% and next boss enters the combat. As a matter of fact this is the hardest part of the encounter so you should use your heroism/bloodlust + potion at this time.

So yeah right now your main goal is to kill Qiang asap but if it is possible try to keep both of them together to maximize cleave damage. I am going to stick to assumption that Subetai entered combat at this point so what you really need to be aware of is Annihilate + Volley + Flanking Orders combo which can cause a lot of trouble. It is recommended to tank them close to the middle to give your raid longer reaction time to Flanking Orders. When Qiang is about to die and you expect another hard ability combo coming you might want to consider kiting Qiang, and thus avoid Massive Attacks which will allow you to move freely while avoiding other abilities. Two tanks strategy helps a lot here because they can taunt Qiang from the distance. Also remember about grips Wink Once you get rid of Qiang fight becomes much easier.
Subetai alone is very easy to deal with. Make sure to stay spread to minimize amount of Pinning Arrows and be ready to react quickly to Volley. Remember that player targeted by Rain of Arrows (who become Pinning Arrow afterwards) can be freed insantly by Blessing of Protection so you should have paladins assigned to this duty. If you run out of blessings or you get multiple targets hit by it (which should not happen!) you must be ready to dps Pinning Arrows down asap. Drag boss over there and cleave/aoe everything down. Another ability is Pillage which is very easy to avoid and finally heroic ability Sleight of Hand which will not wipe you directly but if not handled properly will slow you down so much that you will most likely fail enrage timer. How do you handle this ability? Basically as soon as he starts casting it you should stop ALL DPS, this time including auto attacks too. Once cast is finished and buff is up on Subetai, first player responsible for stun should do it. Then everyone can resume dps while second player assigned to stun duty has his stun ready for whenever first one is about to run out. Remember not to stun if you are not meant to because you will mess up diminishing returns, although be ready to backup in case something happens to assigned players. If you for some reason fail it and boss gets out of stun before buff runs out everyone who did direct damage to him during this time will suffer from Robbed Blind debuff which reduce damage and healing done by 50% and increase physical damage taken by 50% for 30 seconds.

Next transitions are much easier than first one because you do not need to stack up except for Maddening Shout which is not as critical as Massive Attacks because there are ways to recover (Gorefiend's Grasp from death knights for example). Either way, same as previously you want to get rid of 30% boss asap. Try to make good use of cleaves to maximize overall dps.
While dealing with Meng you need to pay attention to his insanity level. If it is high then it means that either raid or tank damage taken will be very high so you should pay attention to it. Dispel Delirious when his insanity is low and let it stay up when it goes above 50. Same for Crazy Thought cast. Keep interrupting it until 40-50 insanity and then just let it go through. Other than that there is Maddening Shout. You should keep your raid close and when cast is finished death knight should pop his mass grip while players assigned to aoe duty do their job afterwards. As i mentioned before you should have only specific players doing aoe because you do not want to have random debuffs or dots running after mind control is finished. Only direct aoe with Halo in mind as first choice.
Finally Zian. Assigned 3 players need to take care of Shadow Blast casts all the time. Raid should stay spread in order to minimize damage from Charged Shadows. Ranged dps should prioritize Undying Shadows whenever they are up but at the same time aim to maximize overall dps not just damage done to Undying Shadows. They will fixate on a player that is closest to its spawn location so make sure that you do not stand next to melee when they are about to come or your raid will suffer from one melee kiting it for a long time which is a huge waste of dps. Then what about heroic ability? Shield of Darkness is similar to Impervious Shield in its mechanics but even more lethal when you manage to fail it. You cannot mass dispel it though so you will have to use single target dispel with Purge in mind as first choice. Pay attention to its cast bar because you will wipe your raid if you hit it while shield is up. It is safe to auto attack though.

Why is this order the easiest one? It is all about enrage timer. Wasting time on dpsing Undying Shadows is significant loss so you probably do not want to deal with them throughout 3/4 of the fight but instead only for 1/4. Then Maddening Shout combined with reflect damage during Cowardice phase on high insanity levels will reduce your dps so you want to save time here as well. Remember that enrage here will not kill you instantly unless it is during Maddening Shout so it is possible to extend fight duration over 10 minutes.


  Death Knight (Razie dps)
- When Qiang casts Impervious Shield he removes all your dots, make sure u are ready to reapply them!
- When Maddening Shout comes, using gorefiends grasp is a nice tool to gather your raidmates so u can do controlled aoe.
- NEVER SPREAD DOTS on the MCed targets, so make sure u dont have UB up when mc comes.
- Use antimagic shell when high cowardice is up!
- Make sure your soulreaper wont tick when shield of darkness is up. Procs the shield /hope for fix!

  Druid (Zkall dps feral, Zamey dps moonkin, Owld healing)
- Nature's Vigil should be used for burst during transitions where the damage is most important.
- You can Shred and still get hit by massive attack if you stand on the left foot.

- Spec into Wild Charge for this fight, will give us less downtime on casting being able to move out of the way of flanking orders, pillage etc... faster.
- Use typhoon on Undying shadow's when they're about to die so they die right on edge.

- Don't bother with Lifebloom during the first boss or at least don't put it on the tank.
- Use roar when Flanking and Annihilate happen together.
- You can spec into Mighty Bash and be a backup in the stun rotation for the Arrow boss.
- Make sure you cast a Wild Growth before the end of the Mass Mind Control cast.
- Keep Ironbark for when the MC guy is high on rage. You can also use it when there are 2 bosses up.
- And the best tip: Symbiosis on a Death Knight gives you Icebound Fortitude, which allows you to free yourself out of the Pinning Arrow.

Hunter (Hentrenson)
- This fight is played as BM.
- You can use deterrence if you get in a tight spot with flanking order and walk through it, as deterrence will parry it, or a timely disengage.
- Using Dire Beast, Lynx etc on any shield will trigger it. The pets own abilities will not trigger it.
- Be careful with Sleigth of Hand on subedai as the travel can be quite long, especially on Glaive throw, and you do no DPS if you are naked for 30 seconds.
- It is not worth it to use Serpent sting as it will drop off all the time.
- Save BW if you are close to transition on a boss, so you can use it to ease up the transition.

  Mage (Kuznam)
- Rune of power as level 90 talent, the fight is too RnG to get a full Invocation off.
- Place 2 Rune of Power in the start of the fight, 1 in front of the boss and 1 behind, and blink back to it during Annihilates.
- Blink out of the "Rain of Arrows" during Subetai.
- Spam spellsteal during "Shield of Darkness" during Zian.
- On "Maddening Shout", remember not to use that Inferno blast, especially if you have Combustion up at the same time, it can screw up your raid!
- Use blink to the fullest potential, blink over Flanking Orders, Undying Shadows, Rain of Arrows, Annihialte and so on, saves a lot of time walking!

  Monk (Justmonk dps, Apko healing)
- Make sure to use Touch of Karma as much as you can during the fight! There is raid damage in almost every phase.
- Use Spinning Crane Kick on mind control.
  Protection Paladin (Treckie)
- Personally I prefer using Speed of Light from the movement speed tier, since it makes dodging flanking orders a lot easier.
- For countering the Pinned down debuffs, all paladins should be specced into Clemency, the tank is no exception.
- Meng the Demented will be hitting extremely hard when he gets enough energy, Holy Avenger is pretty amazing since it lasts a long time, however its usually not enough by itself, the real problem comes with Maddening Shout since you cannot be healed untill after the Mind control has been broken.
- If this happens during high energy taunt kiting is recommended since that way he isnt hitting anyone.
- As for the lvl 90 talent, Lights hammer helps out the raid a bit with healing, even if the raid isnt stacked up more than phase one and a little in the mind control phases, otherwise Execution Sentence works fine for just more dps.
- For glyphs, Battle healer is mandatory, Divine protection should be glyphed as well since theres not really a lot of magic damage, and the damage Meng puts out is the most important to mitigate, 3rd Glyph choice should be Focused shield for more damage.

    Priest (Val dps, Xabok healing)
- Mass Dispel glyph for dispelling imprevious shield.
- Glyph of Mindflay + talent body and soul for maxing movement speed.
- Dot everything in sight.

- I used Sanctuary Chakra but neglected HW:Sanctuary a lot since of the movement that this fight requires.
- Try to coordinate your healing CD's during the mind control phases , it's where the most healing is needed.
- I used Inner Fire.
- Talents: Mindbender, Divine Insight and Divine Star (ATTENTION: Refrain from using DS while the boss gains his Shield or you will break it!!).
- Glyphs: PoM CoH Lightspring.

  Rogue (Noxe)
- Combat is the best choice due to cleaving power. Whenever there is a chance to hit 2 targets you should try to do so. When you pop your AR+SB macro shortly after pull (also after Killing Spree) it should be ready just in time for 30% Blade Flurry time. It depends on your raid dps though but even if it is slightly slower and cooldowns become ready at ~40% you should wait until Blade Flurry moment and then pop everything together with Heroism/Bloodlust and potion. Same goes for next transitions, if your cooldowns become ready at 30-60% you should delay it so that they are up for next transition.
- Make sure to stay in correct spot in phase 1 so that you soak Massive Attacks but at the same time avoid parried attacks.
- If you for some reason end up in very bad position so that you might get hit from Annihilate pop your Feint + glyphed Cloak of Shadows and then Cheat Death will save your life.
- Be careful while using Killing Spree. Watch Shields and Flanking Orders timers.
- When you are cleaving make sure that you do not blade flurry onto your secondary target while buff is up.
- If you are assigned to Stun rotation @ Sleight of Hand make sure that you do not auto attack before Kidney Shot lands or you will end up getting debuff (that is only if you are first in rotation).
- Do not refresh Revealing Strike or Rupture shortly before Impervious Shield is up because it resets all debuffs.
- Cloak of Shadows gives you temporary immunity to reflect damage from Cowardice.
  Elemental Shaman (Accents)
- Make sure you have an extra Flame Shock up when the shadows are out or an arrow is around because having a Lava Burst proc while moving is amazing.
- Make sure you save Spiritwalker's Grace for Ascendance unless its really needed as if you have to move while in Ascendance it screws your over.
- If you are on Purge duty take the Purge glyph as the 3rd choice.

- Recommended Spec: Demonology (offers high mobility with good single target DPS).
- Useful Talents: Soul leech (to help negate incoming damage), Unbound Will (to dispel Pinning Arrows), Kil'Jaeden's Cunning (to sustain max DPS when moving).
- Multidot the Undying Shadows.
- Use defensive Cooldowns like Unending Resolve and Sacrificial Pact when "Meng the Demented" reflects incoming damage.
- Always have a Portal in a safe spot to be safe from inconvenient Flanking Orders.

Dps Warrior (Deac)
- Use Heroic Leap and Intervene wisely, you can get out of sticky situations with ease if you have them available!
- Remember you have an interrupt when you're dpsing the caster add.
- Sweeping Strikes is an effective way to increase damage on heroic.


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MessagePosté le: Dim 28 Oct - 21:12 (2012)    Sujet du message: Four Kings. Répondre en citant

saloperie de patois .. on y comprends rien, vivement que tout le monde parle français en France Smile

Les monstres sont réels, les fantômes le sont aussi, ils vivent à l'intérieur de nous. Et parfois... ils gagnent

Fac nihil sed fac hoc bene

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MessagePosté le: Lun 26 Nov - 18:38 (2012)    Sujet du message: Four Kings. Répondre en citant

Je viens de faire le tour des popottes pour le failbot HM, et voilà ce que j'ai retiré de la gestion des stuns :

Les sorts de stun des joueurs (vu dans les logs)
    Pal : Fist of Justice (6s)
    Rogue : Kidney Shot (6s à 8s en combat)
    Shaman : Capacitor Totem (5s)
    Druide : Mighty Bash (5s)
    War : Shockwave (4s)
    Rogue : Paralysis (4s)
    Demo : Shadowfury (3s)
    War : Charge Stun (1s)

Les sorts potentiellement utilisables par les pets (non testé, ça peut aider)
    UH DK : Gnaw (3s) et Monstrous Blow (3s)
    Demono warlock : Axe Toss (4s)
    Earth elem Shaman : Pulverize (4s)
    Wasp hunter : Sting (2s)

En résumé :
- un rogue combat peut faire les stuns tout seul (cf vodka)
- sinon les pals sont les plus efficaces (6s+3s)
- trouvaille : tous les druides (avec pré-déplacement) et tous les shaman (avec un bon precast) peuvent stun 5s

Bref, quelle que soit la compo, y a moyen Smile

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MessagePosté le: Mar 27 Nov - 11:56 (2012)    Sujet du message: Four Kings. Répondre en citant

Stun?? ... Je vois pas à quel propos tu veux stun j'avoue.

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MessagePosté le: Mar 27 Nov - 13:39 (2012)    Sujet du message: Four Kings. Répondre en citant

c'est dans le codex

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MessagePosté le: Mar 27 Nov - 15:51 (2012)    Sujet du message: Four Kings. Répondre en citant

@théo : Subetai / main leste / dépouillé

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MessagePosté le: Mar 27 Nov - 16:31 (2012)    Sujet du message: Four Kings. Répondre en citant

J'avais zappé celui là en effet !
/repars finir son run sur D3 !

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MessagePosté le: Lun 3 Déc - 20:24 (2012)    Sujet du message: Four Kings. Répondre en citant

Il semblerait qu'ils aient hotfix l'ordre en hm.

A priori l'ordre serait maintenant toujours le même : Qiang -> Sub -> Zian -> Meng.

Confirmé hotfix 3 décembre : The Spirit Kings now activate in a fixed order.

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MessagePosté le: Mer 5 Déc - 17:11 (2012)    Sujet du message: Four Kings. Répondre en citant

Un truc que je viens de remarquer dans une video : zian a une douzaine de stacks de son bouclier à purger 1 par GCD (le bouclier qui OS le raid)

Plus de monde dispell (offensif, mono) plus ça sera efficace et safe pour le raid.

Et le temps que ça soit dispell, autant switch sur les adds (undying shadow, de mémoire)

En 10, je crois qu'il a 5 stacks

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